September 05, 2010

Purchase at wholesale on a Saturday

Sometimes I really have to wonder "why are we humans doing the same mistakes again and again - never learning, getting pissed off and times later we do the same silly thing again" like me yesterday:

The gorgious most important pepper sauce with its hot, spicy flavour was nearly empty and I had to get fresh supply. Usually one can get this great stuff all over the places, but the bottles are so tiny that it last just a week or two. The best place to get a big 350 ml bottle is in Germany well known big wholesale, originally provided for commercial members, businesses, companies. In these days - seems to be - they don't care and everyone is going there. Everyone means whole families having their nice Saturday out day going shopping, screaming kids running around, Dads & Moms forget about their shopping trolleys standing in the middle of the way so that no one can pass anymore or try to get the overload caddies out of the way.

Anyway, just wanted to get the pepper sauce and some bits and pieces and get out of this shop - not that easy; all cash registers were packed with people waiting to pay. I found a shorter one - oh oh big mistake - yes, it was the shortest one, but what do we all know "here must be something wrong". The laser of the cash machine was dirty and scratched, it took ages before one item was scanned. After falling asleep, finally, I was on my last step to do "Paying". Please no rush! Machine can't print - help! Just waiting again, upps the paper was empty. But now - I'm still okay - I paid, got my receipt and off I went.

Reaching home, getting a perfect parking lot, taking all the shopping out of the car, splash!

Got ya! Now you think it was the Tabasco bottle - no, no it was only the box full of milk all over my shoes. Shit happens until the next time ;-)


  1. At least you got the Sauce and my Sweeties I don't see the problem. Shopping on Saturdays is always going to be a nightmare.xx

  2. I know and that means a lot and makes me happy. And the next time I will say again, have to go to this big shop and you will say "but remeber last time" and I will say "yeah, but..." and I will go - again.